Do You Know Why IronNet (IRNT) Stock Jumped IN After-Hours Trades On Friday?

When we last checked, shares of IronNet Inc. (NYSE: IRNT) were up 2.85% to $0.60. When there was no recent news, the price of IRNT shares rose after hours, therefore there may be some justification to thinking that current events may provide more details about IRNT.

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What has recently occurred at IRNT?

IronNet (IRNT) was recently recognized as the Space Information Sharing and Analysis Center’s newest Gold member (ISAC). Members of the Space ISAC guide the international space community in identifying threats, taking appropriate action, and reducing risks to the space mission.

The space exploration sector confronts increased cyber risk due to the enormous amounts of private information and proprietary information flowing via a massive supply chain. The IronNet Collective Defense technology offers real-time cooperation in a secure environment while also detecting novel and unexplained cyberattack activities.

The only solution that can recognize unusual activities and transmit actionable attack intelligence to all of the other members of the IronNet community is the IronNet Collective Defense platform, powered by AWS. Through associated warnings, automated triage, and extended hunt assistance, the Collective Defense platform strengthens network security for all participating businesses and organizations and acts as an early warning system.

IronNet has just unveiled IronRadar, a new product that automatically and proactively updates clients’ cybersecurity solutions with nefarious signs for opponent infrastructure. IronRadar employs a ground-breaking procedure that leverages a server’s fingerprint to identify whether it is a command and control (C2) server even before a cyberattack is launched.

Building on these services and as a participant in the Space ISAC, IronNet will team up with other pioneers in the space sector to continuously share timely and useful intelligence with other member organizations.

How prepared is IRNT?

As the future frontier with many unknowns and possible hazards, including cybersecurity concerns, space is where the Space ISAC is focusing on creating a strong foundation of cybersecurity from a knowledge pool with deep security experience. With its specialized team of threat hunters and distinctive Collective Defense technology, IRNT builds on this experience. IronNet (IRNT), the newest member of the Space ISAC, provides a clear benefit to our membership and the space sector.

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