What Is Driving The China Pharma (CPHI) Stock Higher In Pre-Hour Trades?

China Pharma Holdings Inc. (NYSE: CPHI), which announced an acquisition maneuver on Tuesday, has increased 24.56% to $0.1750 in pre-market trading hours.

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What action has CPHI declared?

The acquisition of the Dry Eye Disease (DED) Therapeutic Device Project was recently made public by China Pharma (CPHI).

China Pharma’s acquired device is a patented DED device. According to epidemiological studies, DED affects 25% to 30% of the population in China, whereas the incidence rate for those over 65 is 75%. The market size for DED pharmaceuticals in China in 2021 was over RMB3.85 billion (almost US$0.55 billion), representing a 12.4% year-over-year rise, according to the Research Report on the Market Status of the Global Dry Eye Disease Drug Industry in 2022.

The CPHI-purchased product will close the market gap for medical therapy equipment in the area of DED and visual fatigue. For more than 20 years, CPHI has built distribution networks in more than 30 municipal and provincial hospitals in addition to OTC marketplaces in China, which will significantly aid in the introduction and advertising of this technology.

DED is the collective name for a number of illnesses characterized by aberrant tear quantity, quality, or dynamics, together with symptoms of eye discomfort (dry eyes, tingling, burning, gritty feeling, etc.) and/or lesions of the ocular surface tissue. Any factor, including aging, contact lens use, certain medications, ocular disorders, other disorders, or environmental factors, may contribute to the development of the DED.

The duration and frequency of utilizing electronic devices have substantially risen in recent years as a result of the constantly evolving technology. Additionally, as China’s population ages, DED has grown to be the most common ocular condition, and it is anticipated that the rate of diagnosis and treatment will continue to rise for a very long time.

How would the acquisition aid CPHI’s expansion?

An eye oxygen-enriched atomization treatment device with patent technology was purchased by China Pharma (CPHI). This gadget is intended to address the gap left by the existing market’s desire for solutions to DED, visual fatigue, and other issues, as well as the healing process following eye surgery. Next year, CPHI intends to introduce it to the market. Every DED patient would have outstanding therapy with the introduction of this product, which will increase CPHI’s sales.

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