Why Did EzFill Holdings (EZFL) Stock Surged 10% This Session?

Shares of EzFill Holdings Inc. (NASD: EZFL), a pioneer and developing leader in the mobile gasoline sector, were up 10.09% at $0.3523 at the time of our last check in active trading.

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How has EZFL’s network been growing?

This week, EzFill Holdings (EZFL) said that it added 10 new fleet accounts in December, bringing the total number of fleet accounts added in 2022 to almost 100. Companies spanning from movers and storage to transportation, car dealerships, construction supplies, expert cleaning services, furniture delivery, and a nationally renowned consumer goods maker are among the new fleet accounts.

Over 180 customer vehicle assets will have regular fuel deliveries for the new accounts acquired in December, which is estimated to result in an increase of over 460,000 gallons of gasoline provided yearly. While its new fleet contracts come from a wide range of enterprises and highlight the expanding acceptability of mobile fueling services, EzFill Holdings ended the year with a strong month of new account acquisitions.

A new payment method was introduced by EZFL:

EzFill Pay, a new, more convenient method for drivers to order and pay for petrol, was introduced by EZFL last month. With the help of the new payment method, EZFL will be able to set up temporary petrol stations at parking lots throughout all of its service regions. EzFill Pay is a simplified payment method that will enable drivers to pay for gas without first downloading the app.

On December 12, 2022, EZFL’s inaugural pop-up took place during a gathering for Turnberry, a Florida-based developer of real estate. EzFill anticipates opening its first public pop-ups in three parking areas in downtown Miami, just across from the Miami Heat’s arena, where the majority of gas stations have already closed and there aren’t many left.

How will EZFL’s services be improved by the new payment system?

The EzFill Holdings (EZFL) Pop-up gas stations will be used as an advertising medium and a cutting-edge method of supplying gas to its clients in South Florida. Potential consumers will have the chance to experience EZFL mobile fueling’s ease, and they may do so with the help of its newest payment option. EzFill trucks can be reserved for special events like Christmas parties and marketing activities by entrepreneurs, building owners, and even residential clients.

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