Anticipation Builds As Astrotech (ASTC) Gears Up For Product Launch Event

During the previous trading session, Astrotech Corporation (NASDAQ: ASTC) saw the value of its stock surge by 10.64% to $9.57. This notable uptick in ASTC shares was precipitated by its intention to unveil a groundbreaking product at a prominent gathering.

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In Las Vegas, Nevada, April 9-12, 2024, Astrotech and its wholly owned subsidiary, 1st Detect Corporation, will be exhibiting at booth number 2067 at the International Security Conference and Exposition, also known as ISC West. In addition to Narcotics Trace Detectors (“NTD”), they will also exhibit Explosives Trace Detectors (“ETD”).

An advanced laboratory instrument, the TRACER 1000 utilizes the power of Astrotech Mass Spectrometer Technology (“AMS Technology”). Astrotech’s mass spectrometer enables swift detection of trace amounts of narcotics or explosive compounds within seconds. The TRACER 1000 offers a robust platform adaptable to various sectors including airports, border security, checkpoints, cargo inspection, infrastructure security, correctional facilities, military installations, and law enforcement agencies.

Presently, the Tracer 1000 ETD by the company is operational in multiple locations across 14 countries worldwide. Its comprehensive library facilitates the detection of numerous narcotics, including fentanyl, heroin, and cocaine. The user-friendly TRACER 1000 mass spectrometer, powered by Astrotech’s AMS Technology, will be showcased alongside leading industry experts and security professionals at the ISC West conference.

This provides ASTC with a platform to engage with industry stakeholders across diverse sectors such as security, checkpoints, military operations, and law enforcement, catering to their needs for high-quality instrumentation, minimal maintenance requirements, and swift, accurate detection capabilities. ISC West serves as a forum for engaging discussions on prevailing challenges, emerging opportunities, and future prospects within the dynamic security market.

The TRACER 1000, characterized by its ruggedness, speed, compact size comparable to a desktop printer, and user-friendly interface with near-zero false alarms, stands as a pioneering mass spectrometer. A mass spectrometry-based ETD, it holds the distinction of being the first to be certified for both checkpoint and cargo security by the European Civil Aviation Conference (“ECAC”).

Leveraging the successful AMS Technology, the TRACER 1000 upholds the precision standards of larger mass spectrometers despite its compact design. While traditional mass spectrometry has historically been hindered by costliness, bulkiness, and unwieldiness, the TRACER 1000’s intuitive interface and automated calibration process render it accessible for frontline checkpoint personnel and security professionals, at a fraction of the cost associated with conventional mass spectrometers.

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